Flowchem is a leading supplier of Drag Reducing Agents (DRA) which optimize pipeline flow, increase throughput capacity and maximize overall profitability of pipeline operations. Flowchem provides flow consultation and turnkey solutions for pipeline applications worldwide.

Our Team

Based in Houston, Texas, Flowchem employs an experienced team of engineers, hydraulic experts, chemists and research personnel to deliver a full range of products for the entire global energy industry. From technical evaluations and product specifications, to field services and performance optimization, Flowchem is invested in every stage of the production and injection of DRA.

Since its founding in 2001, Flowchem has earned a reputation of being an industry leader of drag reducing agents, providing over 25% of DRA consumed in the United States and 15% of DRA used in international markets. Each DRA product is produced, packaged and shipped from Flowchem facilities to ensure the quality and expedient delivery of our flow improvers.

Flowchem’s drag reducing agent, Turboflo®, reduces the frictional energy loss due to turbulence within a pipeline system. This allows pipeline operators to reduce energy costs and operating pressures in a pipeline while increasing overall throughput. Turboflo® DRA can increase pipeline flow up 100% and achieve drag reduction of up to 80%.